This tree grows in plenty of areas in Sri Lanka. This tree is quite widely known, but you would be surprised at how much more special this tree actually is. The Botanical name is  Borassus flabellifer bordering many of the beaches in Sri Lanka. 




The Palmyra tree in Sri Lanka and in several parts of India is considered to be much more than an ordinary tree. The palm tree holds a celestial value to these people and has been believed to be a divine tree that grew right in Heaven.

It is said that there exists no part of this tree that is rendered useless. Every single part of the tree from root to a leaf has been of great use to man for centuries that it was bestowed the name of “The Wish Fulfilling Tree” in some parts of Sri Lanka.

To all the inhabitants of Sri Lanka or the former Ceylon, the Palmyra tree also holds great cultural value. The art of weaving palmyra leaves into various ornaments and objects have been practiced for thousands of years. Through time this art eventually became a family tradition and today you can still find several families who follow their ancestors and earn a living weaving palmyra products.   

Original video credit : Grow Lanka